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Episode.Number.17 Kyle VanZandt

Episode.Number.17 Kyle VanZandt


 Welcome to Episode #17 of “This is a Thing” the Greater Boston arts podcast. This week a chat with actor Kyle VanZandt! And because I can’t help myself, I’d like to say that if you don’t have tickets to see BootyCandy at Speakeasy stage, you’re not living life right.  The show is FANTASTIC.  I cried twice in between laughing my face off. Maybe Maurice Parent moon walks. Maybe Jackie Davis does a turn that’s Claire Huxtable on steroids in all the best ways. Maybe they take you to church. Definitely, the entire casting will BRING IT. Don’t worry about it… just GO(probably don’t bring any children).
Anywho, back to this episode, my conversation with wonderful Kyle took some twists and turns, but I loved every minute! We discussed:

Executive producer: Kerri Wilson
Music: 123rf
Logo: John Pepe

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