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Episode.Number.8 Kevin Cirone

Episode.Number.8 Kevin Cirone

Happy New Year friends, from “This is a Thing?”!

This week, I chat with writer, actor, singer, computer wizard and all-around good guy, Kevin Cirone. We talk about a LOT of things.  Acting? Check.  College and tough professors? Check.  What pets do when we aren’t home? You got it- check. The 1990’s hit film(yes, I’m calling it a film), Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Boom Boom Pow. And check.  Love this interview with Kevin so much that you want to see him perform? Keep up with his appearances at  While you are strolling around the Interwebs check out his musical Creative License!



Executive producer: Kerri Wilson
Music: 123rf
Logo: John Pepe

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